Building solutions for all your timber frame requirements

Offering you sustainable building solutions for your modern building requirements, New World Timber Frame remains at the forefront of building technology. A wide range of products and timber frame systems are available in and out of the UK.

New World Timber Frame caters for a wide range of clients: house, commercial developers, principal contractors, architects and self-builders all sharing one thing in common, energy efficient construction.

We pride ourselves on our commitment and environmentally friendly approach to timber frame construction. All our timber is sourced from properly managed forests and the utmost care is taken when selecting the products we use with regards to their impact on the environment.

The Advantages of Building With Timber Frame

Elegant and simple, timber frame houses provide incredibly strong structures that have great flexibility in their design. The strength of the framework is achieved by structuring the frame in such a way that the weight of the building is transferred from all around the frame to the ground as effectively as possible. Due to this strength, large open spaces are often seen as a trademark of timber framed houses, something usually not possible using conventional building techniques.

Being versatile, our homes can also be clad with brick or stone. This allows the house to blend in with, or complement, surrounding houses in rural or urban areas, while having the added benefit that the house would be very energy efficient.

Timber framed construction has many advantages as well as being kind to the environment. The frames can be put up quickly allowing construction to continue under the timber roof efficiently. Timber frame design is very practical and adaptable, as well as being aesthetically pleasing. The beautiful heavy timbers can be left exposed to the interior, or left visible on the outside allowing the timber to give the house character.