Estimates and Pricing

We are pleased to provide a competitive service and endeavour to return a free estimate within approximately ten working days, with no obligation. Just contact our sales team on 01954 714870 who will be happy to help you move forward with your project whether it be an extension, single dwelling, flats or commercial buildings.

Alternatively send your dimensioned drawings to:

What’s Included

Timber Frame Systems

New World Timber Frame does not have a specific system to offer the client as we would much rather tailor a design to suit the individual budget and targets.

The system consists of factory built panels that are assembled on site by hand, mechanical lifting equipment can be used (crane, forklift, etc) if necessary. The factory-controlled environment produces consistently high quality panels that assemble quickly.

Sole Plates & Damp Proof Course (DPC)

Sole Plates supplied, for fixing under the internal and external panels will be sized to suit wall thickness. All Sole Plates come preserved as standard and will be set out in accordance with the New World Timber Frame Sole Plate layout. DPC will be supplied and fixed under all Sole Plates. You, the client will need to provide 150mm high masonry walls for the Sole Plate to be sat on.

Internal Walls

Internal panels are manufactured using 38x89mm CLS (Canadian Lumber Standard) structural timber studs, set out at 600mm nominal centres unless 400mm nominal centres are required for load bearing walls. Head binder plates will also be supplied and fitted over all load-bearing walls.

External Walls

Typically, a standard system would be an open panel varying in thickness to suit thermal and structural requirements which means that pre fabricated panels will be delivered to site sheathed externally with OSB (typically 9mm) covered with breather paper with open stud frame, to allow fitting of insulation and services by the contractor. PIR insulation can be pre-installed in these panels if required. A closed panel system is exactly what is implied, as the inner board is factory fitted (again typically 9mm OSB) and most often with insulation, factory installed. Battens are then often filled (by Contractor) in order for services to be run. This system is often used when very high Thermal performance is required and time pressures are important. These walls vary from 140mm to 300mm + thick. All of these systems are adaptable for thickness, using either CLS timbers or I Beams etc. Therefore, they are able to cope with any structural, thermal and acoustic performance. 

Beams and Joists

We provide our customers with premium quality, high performance floor and roof engineered joist and beam systems that are priced competitively with traditional construction material.

The joists we use have a lifetime guarantee; this instils confidence from supplier to builder to homeowner. All joists are available in lengths of up to 13 meters and come in a variety of grades and depths.

The joists are light in weight, yet immensely strong, the long length joists are quick and easy to install. We deliver these joists to site in precise pre-cut lengths, reducing installation times and potential for error.


These can be formed using either, solid timber, I Beams or metal web joists, decked commonly using 22mm Weyroc deck or 18mm OSB 3 board, all depending on requirements. These typically will be cut to length to suit the building and fitted individually and decked on site. Alternatively, the floors can be constructed in a cassette form and dropped in by crane and fixed on site, all depending on access etc.


These are typically constructed using trusses where possible. Either with fink, attic or storage trusses. If trusses cannot be used and a ‘hand cut’ option is required, then this service is also provided. Where ‘open vaulted’ roof solutions are required, these are often ‘hand cut’ or alternative solutions can be used; often giving a deeper zone for increased thermal performance.


Any steel required as necessary in the structural design will be supplied and fitted by New World Timber Frame.


New World Timber Frame promotes the use of the more ‘green’ systems such as Mineral Wool (most cost effective), Warmcell or Wool and the like. However, we recognise that sometimes clients wish to have better thermal performance in a 140mm thick panel where PIR (Celetex or similar) will be a better option as previously stated, PIR can be factory pre-installed, Mineral Wool is not recommended to be pre-installed or the likes of Warmcell or Wool etc.

Membranes and Airtight Tapes

New World Timber Frame provides a breather membrane to all external walls as standard, typically a Glidevale TF 200. However, the clever use of membranes such as Thermo membranes externally and reflective membranes internally can enhance the thermal performance of structures for relatively little additional cost. We can assist, together with help, to provide you value calculations. Should airtightness be important to you we can also assist with this and again help with specification of the use of air-tight tapes and intelligent membranes.


The CLS we use is taken from Spruce (White wood) and is graded in accordance with British Standards.