Timber Frame and the Environment

Fact: Timber is the most environmental building Material. Why?

  • Timber is a totally renewable resource; European softwood forests are growing by over 250 million m³ every year.
  • Waste efficient, the parts of the logs that are not used for timber are used for paper, chipboards, energy and many other applications.
  • Once used, the timber can then be recycled or biodegraded.
  • Trees produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, helping to reduce global warming.

So there is no more environmentally friendly way to build!

Company goal – to reduce the impact the construction industry has on the environment.

New World Timber Frame is dedicated to maintaining high awareness of the effects of its activities and of its impact on the environment:

  • Wherever possible, New World Timber Frame uses renewable resources such as timber.
  • Wherever possible, timber is purchased from properly managed forests; all timber and sheet material is purchased through PEFC certified companies.
  • New World Timber Frame aims to construct buildings that achieve high U Values to help increase energy efficiency.
  • We are constantly seeking improved methods and products, to reduce any adverse impact on the environment.